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Dating medieval manuscripts

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Anglo-Saxon art covers art produced within the Anglo-Saxon period of English history, beginning with the Migration period style that the Anglo-Saxons brought with them from the continent in the 5th century, and ending in with the Norman Conquest of a large Anglo-Saxon nation-state whose sophisticated art was influential in much of northern Europe. The two periods of outstanding achievement were the 7th and 8th centuries, with the metalwork and jewellery from Sutton Hoo and a series of magnificent illuminated manuscripts, and the final period after about , when there was a revival of English culture after the end of the Viking invasions. By the time of the Conquest the move to the Romanesque style is nearly complete. The important artistic centres, in so far as these can be established, were concentrated in the extremities of England, in Northumbria , especially in the early period, and Wessex and Kent near the south coast. Anglo-Saxon art survives mostly in illuminated manuscripts , Anglo-Saxon architecture , a number of very fine ivory carvings, and some works in metal and other materials.

Introduction to dating documents

Digital - Medieval Manuscripts: A Finding Guide - LibGuides at Cornell University

The series is called "The Integrity of the New Testament" and deals with textual criticism. Can the New Testament be trusted? Has it been corrupted through time? Can we know what God has said?


The Apostle Paul never told women to be silent in church and the Bible passage that indicates he did was a later addition by scribes, scholars have said — though others have rebutted their claims. It remains one of the most controversial clauses in the New Testament and has fuelled centuries of misogyny as well as supporting the belief women should not be ordained. But the infamous instruction in 1 Corinthians 14 that 'women should remain silent in the churches' was added later and was not written by the original author St Paul, according to analysis of ancient manuscripts by academics at the University of Cambridge. The presence of a tiny dash, known by scholars as 'distigme-obelos' which indicates a section of text added later and not present in the earliest versions, could unravel centuries of theological debate. Verses of 1 Corinthians 14, which are being disputed, read: 'Women should remain silent in the churches.
A masterpiece of Medieval metalwork which reputedly uses the death mask of King Charlemagne. Although the history of Medieval art covers almost ten centuries between the Sack of Rome c. It was only during the final years that the individual names of painters, sculptors and other decorative artists began to be recorded with any regularity. Thus most of our artists date from this period.
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